Sometimes, you stumble upon a short film or a music video, and you’re able to grasp all the sexiness from it. You don’t really know why, but it triggers sensuality and creates an atmosphere that makes you all hot from the inside. This video for Cliff Dweller, Just Like A Fool, is just like that.

Cliff Dweller’s Just Like A Fool

Cliff Dweller is actually a project by Ari Balouzian, a composer and designer from LA, which focuses on the “experience of sound and music in film”. The artist works with many other filmmakers, sound designers… and more, to bring us original films. I already mentioned Christine Yuan when I featured her work with Child Of Lov, and this video is also her doing.

I love that she gives us exactly the right amount of sexy scenes to make us aroused and then the little details, the set, the clothes… conspire to create this sex-gorged atmosphere. And let’s not forget the slo-mo!

The folks from imvdb asked Yuan how she achieved this level of sexiness and she replied that it’s all about the details and the actors. Some scenes were choreographed but in general, it was all very organic and natural. She also explains that the song inspired her to shoot a love scene, but that she also wanted to push it further and that’s why she decided to feature a threesome in the video. We are all thankful for that! It’s brief but extremely appealing and the moment when the girl sees herself and her partners on the screen at the end is just hot as hell.

Just Like a Fool – Cliff Dweller from Christine Yuan on Vimeo.