After the shoot of my latest film, Inspired, starring Anneke Necro, I had to ask the Spanish performer a few questions about how she likes to turn herself on.

Anneke’s interview

The scene is about connecting with that place that we all have inside, that place where fantasies and memories blur into a sudden rush of blood throughout your body. Cheeks get red. Eyes staring at something invisible.

Apparently, Anneke has a thing for textures and smells. Check the full interview below and watch the full scene here.

The masks of porn

Working in porn doesn’t mean that you get to know the performers or what they really like. Being an actor is not an easy job and sometimes it’s just simpler to retreat to the usual porno routine we all know so well, the moans, the screams, the positions, to protect yourself and categorize parts of your life and avoid emotional turmoil.

However, it gets especially interesting to approach porn in a way that lets you see something authentic, something human, spontaneous, relatable, something that lets you connect with what you are watching, which is, in my opinion, the least porn can do!

It’s always interesting to hear what people get off too, from the little details to the big fetishes, and also to go deeper into why our heads go crazy… Triggers are a hot topic at the moment, anything that hits us hard is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, may it be a comment from a colleague, a piece of music or a good porno.