Hey everybody, today is a happy day for me! My friend came over and we recorded the voice over for my next movie! I still have to work on it, so in the meantime, here’s a very nice sex scene from Italian mainstream movie Gli Sfiorati, starring Miriam Giovanelli, Asia Argento, and Andrea Bosca.

A confused generation portrayed by Miriam Giovanelli and Andrea Bosca

The story is a bit weird. It’s about Méte, a hot young man, who’s found himself having to welcome his half sister to his home for a week. They only have a remote father in common, and don’t know each other. She’s 17, very pretty and self-exploring. The two of them are attracted to each other, and they finally have sex, as you can see in the video below. From what I have google-translated, the film, by Matteo Rovere, is about the confusion of a generation, which, according to him, is bound to not understand today’s world.

Andrea Bosca is also very hot in this scene, Miriam is breathtaking. I usually don’t care much is the girl is hot or not, but sometimes I have to say that it really helps make the scene sexier. The moment where she takes off her panties and sits on him is pretty damn hot!

Miriam Giovanelli’s full frontal sex scene in… por MisterCash