I am happy to release my new short, Captive. Shot a couple months ago in Berlin, with the help of Poppy Sanchez (DOP) and Paul Henschel (Photographer), the film is quite different from my previous works. I wanted to create a more cinematographic, dramatic story in which the sex in not an excuse but a crucial part of the narrative.

Shooting Captive

We had only five hours to shoot the whole thing, in the basement of a hipster bar in Neukölln, Berlin. I had wanted to cast Amber Nevada for a while and she had been longing to shoot with Owen Gray for a long time, so when we all found each other in a dark basement with duct tape and fake blood, we already knew it had worked out for the best.


I was used to shooting happy scenes where everybody smiles and has fun. I wanted to try something new. Something that required going deeper and pushed my skills as a director and camerawoman further.

I won’t spoil the story too much for you. Here are some photos of the film and making of below, by Paul Henschel.

♥ Watch the trailer and film right here on CommonSensual





amber nevada and owen gray

amber nevada owen gray

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