I’m not a big reader. I like to read, it’s just that I always fall asleep on the second page (making porn is more tiring than you think!), but I was pretty excited when the great people of SweetMeats Press kindly suggested to send me some of their stories for me to read and review. This is why, today, I’m going to tell you my experience on reading Allotted Views, a great erotic short story by K.D. Grace!

Allotted Views – When imagination meets desire.

I received three stories from SweetMeats Press, and this is the first I read. I suppose I was intrigued by the title. So after writing my usual post here, I got into bed, turned on my red night light for extra ambiance, checked that my Snappy was resting in my drawer, and I started reading Allotted Views.

The story is about a young woman who lives in a little house in England. It’s like a residence of houses, and every house has a garden. She loves gardening, but she has little time to do it. One night, she hears weird noises coming from the garden, and as she looks outside, she sees this gorgeous man, masturbating in the cold night air, and spreading his sperm over the vegetables. Then a little routine of watching this man and masturbating by the window develops and, of course, more things happen, but I won’t spoil it for you.

At first, I thought the whole gardening thing was a bit weird, but it is so well written and so original, that you become completely emerged into the story, and you’re absolutely dying to watch read about the two having sex. It’s like nothing I had ever watched, no porn film had every given me this sensation of hunger, voyeurism and pleasure.

The words would resonate in my head and strangely had a pretty strong effect on my brain, as images and sensations began to fill my body, real sensations, as strong (maybe even stronger) than when watching porn.

Besides, the great thing about SweetMeats Press, is that they don’t do things by halves. With the paperback version of the books (not the ebooks, but I was lucky enough to get a peek), with the story come illustrations. There are indeed a few drawings, not too many as to spoil your imagination, but certainly enough to give you a visual your brain and body were dying for.

The story is part of the Immoral Views anthology, I encourage you to check it out, it’s incredibly stimulating! You can also buy it from Amazon. Remember, the ebook versions don’t have illustrations, only the paperbacks!

allotted views by k.d. Grace at SweetMeats Press