Not too long ago, I was telling you how I was in the process of making my own and very first erotic short film! Well, I am still in the process, but the teaser is here and ready to make you wish for more, I hope! So, I present you, Alice Inside – the teaser.
EDIT: The film is now available to watch for free on! Enjoy!

Alice Inside – What she thinks while having sex

Sex. There is the part we see, the part we feel, and the part we think. We think about sex all the time, or most of it at least, and we never really know what’s in people’s brains when they feel pleasure.

Alice is my character. Through the hot scenes she shares with her partner, we can hear what she thinks, what she feels when he touches her, kisses her, fucks her… She’s worried that this relationship is growing too much. It was supposed to be a one-night-stand only, and she’s finding herself waking up next to him again.

She has to go to work, yet, she can’t help but yielding to the temptation, again, and enjoying a morning of sex with him. Alice is very independent, and she doesn’t like to be tied down to one man, in fear of passion decaying little by little. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with them now, as they engage in hot foreplay and explicit sex…

This week I will tell you more about the actors, Aura and Isi, who kindly participated in this project, and did a great job!

Please tell me what you think!!