I think porn is evolving into something new, and the audience is looking for new content, something refreshing and stimulating. That would include seeing more than what you usually see in a sex scene : what happens behind it. Actress Aleena Jonez took the wheel and directed this scene from Dirty Movie Deadline.

Dirty Movie Deadline – When the director is in front of the camera

Aleena gets us in on how she wants to shoot that scene, and shares her ideas with actors Michelle Moist and Danny D. But Aleena doesn’t quietly stay behind the camera, she’s also going to join in on the fun, which is what makes this film special. I often get asked whether I feel like joining the actors when I’m directing a film, and I understand the fantasy of a filmmaker and his or her actors mixing together in one big and kinky reality slap in the face. Everything an everyone becomes real. The script becomes life and genuine desire. Of course, it’s a script inside a script – pornception! – but it’s still refreshing to find this kind of initiative.

Joybear likes to offer new angles and ideas when it comes to porn and I believe this kind of scenes really add excitement and lust to the whole porn watching experience.

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