Some people recommend artichoke or pickled herring as an anti-hangover therapy. We prefer sex.

These are the words of Theo Meow, the director of the new scene of MEOWMEOW, starring Sage and Gray.


This scene pictures a moment we’ve all experienced before. The morning-after-hangover. The mouth is dry. The eyes sting. The nausea pulsates in our throat. The best remedy for that – and for everything, for that matter – is sex! The two girls engage in therapeutical fun, enjoying the chaos of what was probably an awesome party. It’s raw and passionate. Gray scratches Sage’s back… Definitely more tasty than pickled herring.

I’m really curious to see the next works by MEOWMEOW. It’s hot, authentic, fun and nicely inspired by the works of the awesome Four Chambers.

That’s definitely what porn needs. New people making scenes from their lives into beautiful, sincere porn, filled with different bodies and personalities. Personality is the keyword here. Sex can’t be reduced to mindless boning. Truly showing people, not just genitals banging against each other.


Aftermath from MEOW MEOW on Vimeo.


You can also check out another short film by them, which is totally cool and dark and sexy. Maybe not so recommended for hangovers, though.

Calamares from MEOW MEOW on Vimeo.