I’m already a big fan of Antonio Da Silva’s work, like Mates or Private Dancer. And Pix, his new short film, is definitely a new and original addition to his collection of hot shorts.

PIX – The marketplace of desire

Da Silva explains that we live in times when we basically spend our lives on the Internet and using social media. The gay community is no different and online dating and hook ups are a big part of it. Pix reflects this “marketplace” of men by putting together images of 2.500 gay men in a three-minute animation. Pecs, abs, cocks, asses… This series of flickering images takes life and turns into one big mosaic.

But, Da Silva also asks: Is that the rule or just a temporary -even necessary- phase into a gay man’s life? Does this gay on-line behaviour help for better communication or does it isolate homosexuals from the “normality” gay men try to achieve all these years? Is the need to connect emotionally been taken over by the need to push on the “load more guys” button?

I guess it doesn’t only apply to gay men, but to everybody. Online profiles, Tinder and all these kinds of things are a big part of everybody’s single life. As a mostly straight girl, my dating comes almost only from the Internet. Even living in a big, cosmopolitan city like Barcelona, it can be difficult to meet people and hook up, and I guess browsing guys on your phone is kind of a lazy – but effective – way to get what you want.

Anyways, you can watch the trailer below. The full film is available for $1 here.

Critiquing your dick pic

Talking about dick pics, here’s a new and pretty fun tumblr blog. You can submit your photos to Madeleine Holden and she will give you a fair review, “with love” and “no size shaming”. Check it out!

I personally like a good dick pic, but only when it’s with someone that you’re already having fun with. A pic that comes from out of the blue can be a nasty surprise… Don’t you think?

critique dick pic