9 songs is a film that was released a few years and that is still one of the classics in alternative explicit/porn films. It’s not by itself a porn film, but it is full of beautiful sex scenes, which is what made it controversial in the first place. It’s a mainstream movie with sex! And not the “camera looking away” sex but the hot, full nudity sex that we usually never see in mainstream films.

9 songs, rock’n’roll and sex

The film takes place in London where Lisa, an American college student, and Matt, a British glaciologist meet and have intense sexual encounters between attending several rock concerts.

The film, directed by , was shown at the Festival de Cannes and has, as you can imagine, received a huge controversy.

Natural sex in front of the camera

As you can see in the following extracts from the movie, the two characters, played by  and , have very intense sex. She is carefree. He is fascinated by her. It’s realistic, no fake boobs, no faking. Just plain pleasure and passion between two people. We don’t know if they’re in love. But that’s not the point!

Above all, we see a woman enjoying her sexuality without shame (there’s a great scene of Lisa masturbating and enjoying herself very much) and we see a couple exploring sex together with bondage for example. How refreshing!


9 Songs (extrait) por chocolat_cannelle