There’s a French expression that says: “Métro, boulot, dodo”. It basically means the daily routine. You take the train, work, come home and sleep, same thing every day. It’s easy to get depressed by that and tiny matters of your every day life can get in the way of your sex life. That’s why I have selected six scenes and erotic short films that prove you can make every moment memorable. The sex isn’t always great, it can be quick and dirty, but it will still put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Breakfast smoothie

If you’re like me or the gorgeous Bridget Fonda, you like to have a healthy breakfast smoothie, and also maybe get laid. The sex is not hot, but the characters from Jackie Brown are so awesome that I can’t help but loving that scene.

It’s full of vitamins and gives you energy for the whole day! Well, until lunch…

In the shower

You can take a relaxing, cleansing shower like Castro here, in an erotic short by Almita Films.

castro from tomek on Vimeo.

Or you can also wait until you go to the gym and share a nice communal shower with your girl friends. This scene is not sexual per se, but it’s such a cool scene that I couldn’t not include it here. Check out fully nude Sarah Silverman, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Podemski talking about shiny new things in Take This Waltz.

Shower Scene for Take This Waltz on TrailerAddict.

On the subway

Going to work. Coming home. Much of our days is spent in traffic. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this time to fantasize…

In this short film, Cuatro Patadas (Four Kicks in English), by Leo Adef, Joel Yofra imagines different sexual scenarios.

Cuatro paradas from leo adef on Vimeo.

Or you could do like Michael Fassbender in Shame and stare your way into the skirt of a pretty blond. That works too. I guess you won’t be as stressed after that.

I hope your daily tasks will be more pleasurable today!