You probably know that the final season of True Blood is being broadcasted these weeks. The only way to have a great finale is to honour the sexual manifesto of the show and delight the viewers with some exciting last sex scenes… I already wrote about the epic scene between Eric and Jason, but there are more!

SPOILER ALERT: If you can’t bear the suspense and die to know who sleeps with who, then read on. Otherwise, these are not the sex scenes you are looking for.

Arlene and Keith

I am truly happy that they gave a sex scene to this character. A single mom in her forties who, after all, decides having sex with vampires is not too bad, after Keith saves her from the evil vampires by giving her his blood.

Jason and Jessica

Here we go again. I love them together, but there are always consequences. This scene is really hot though, it seems like one fine orgasm.

Bill and Sookie – True Blood ends like it begins?

The loop is looped and like in the first season, Sookie and Bill are having sex for the last time – as far as we know – just like they had their first.

Sarah and Guru

Our precious not-so-puritanical Sarah Newlin has found her new self, with the help of a Buddhist guru who helps her find her way and get all toned up at the same time. The scene is funny but it doesn’t keep me from enjoying the little tantric ending. Damn.

James and Lafayette

Nobody deserves some sweet lovin’ more than Lafayette, especially since the death of gorgeous Jesus – I’m still pissed about that by the way. Jessica’s vampire boyfriend can’t resist Lala’s almond-shaped eyes – I know, I have a thing for him.
The music was added by the author of the video, it didn’t initially look so cheesy.

Jason and Violet

This scene is actually from the end of season 6, because I couldn’t find the one from season 7 anywhere. Still, the tension between these two is pretty hot, and funny, since Violet is this super femme fatale badass vampire and Jason has no clue what’s going on. When they do end up having sex, it’s quite arousing…