4 insanely erotic fashion films

Fashion is a word that can make a few feminists cringe because most of the time, it involves a set image of how women should be and what they should look like: tall, thin, and pretty. However, it often is also a door to a world of elegance, glamour and erotica. I have chosen three erotic fashion clips that I think you will like… You should also check out my post on Agent Provocateur’s sexiest lingerie films.

1. Oyster – Fashion Fetish

This film was directed by Marie Schuller, SHOWstudio‘s head of fashion films, for the Fashion Fetish series. Titled “Oyster”, the film features a pair of shoes by Vivienne Westwood and a coat by Dans La Vie. It was originally made for the London Fringe Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It explores an exhibitionist fantasy in the London metro and conveys a very dark and mysterious atmosphere. Like a ghost, model Anita De Bauch imagines herself getting naked and dancing in front of the other passengers, something I think we’ve all thought about once. What if I just stand up and undress..


2. She Said Erotic Emporium

This film is logically erotic because it promotes the 10th anniversary of a famous erotic boutique: She Said Emporium. It has even been voted among the top ten boutiques in the world! The ambience is sexy, glamourous and sensual, and their accessories and lingerie are top quality. When stepping into She Said, you enter an exotic world so decadently sumptuous that you’ll be intoxicated with bliss for days.

The boutique promotes sex-positive women and men and celebrates all aspects of sexuality, from burlesque to simple elegance. They offer a wide range of beautiful corsets and lingerie. This video features leather wear by Mark Garbs, Pleasure State’s VIP range and Mimi Holliday amongst others.

You can know more on their website: www.shesaidboutique.com


3. Stamen

This video is sweet and briefly erotic. It was directed by London-based artist Calum Macdiarmid whose inspiration is based on the aesthetics of beauty, light and liquid. This film, starring Katie Ball and Graham Dickson, is beautifully shot, intriguing and intense. A simple metaphor can set our mind off to wonders and trigger our imagination into the depths of desire and sexuality.

4. The Cure

Shot for shootmefashion.net, a blog about fashion tips and trends, this video is beautifully weird and nice to look at. As you can see, the doctors treat the very attractive female patient against, apparently, nudity. Little by little they will cover her with her natural apparel, which is a beautiful set of clothes.
I have to confess that I also like this video because I suspect the main doctor to be awesomely hot under his mask.

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