I am angry. I’m angry because of stuff that is happening in my life now, especially me having to move out because of a landlord son of a bitch, and having to deal with lawyers, bankers… Everything is going to be fine, I know, but I can’t help feeling angry. It’s a normal feeling and I have to let it out in a healthy way, right? So I thought I would gather a few “angry sex” scenes from movies and TV shows that remind us that being angry can also be a real turn on! I already talked a while ago about that scene in A History Of Violence with Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello, and I think it would really fit into this post.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have angry sex in True Blood

I know I often post about True Blood, but it’s because they give us a lot of material to talk about! I absolutely love this scene between Sookie and Bill, she’s mad at him but somehow they always get back together. This process includes having hot angry sex on the floor. The song is Head of Medusa by Otep. Love it.

anna-paquin-true-blood-sex-scene por EgotasticMedia

Carrie and Big in Sex and the City (TV)

I love this scene. I don’t remember exactly which season it’s from, but it’s when Carrie is with Aidan and somehow she meets Big and his new wife at a furniture design expo. Big is obviously having doubts about his marriage and, as the coward he is, tries to go back to Carrie. They meet at a hotel, and for once she’s openly angry at him, even if she finally gives up. I love the “Fuck You… Fuck Me”. Really hot.

Buffy and Spike having angry sex

Ahh. A classic. The mythical Buffy and Spike couple from the Vampire Slayer. When they have angry sex, not only they throw a few punches at each other, but the world also seems to crumble around them. A bit dramatic, but we like it!

Angry Brandgelina

Mrs & Mr Smith. You’ve probably seen it, if not, it’s not a big loss. I wasn’t sure about including this scene in the post, but they are angry, and they’re having sex so… Plus, I was debating Brad Pitt’s legitimacy as hot guy the other day with my colleague at work, and I feel that I should remind you all that he’s hot. Period.