Last week, we didn’t have our usual gay post, so, to make up for it, this post is going to be a massive one! I’ve got plenty of little goodies for you, all involving normal girls enjoying a little kissin’.

The lesbian conundrum

Sometimes, I have trouble with lesbian content. I feel like it’s unreal and that it only aims at satisfying the obsession that some men have about “girl-on-girl” action. The horrible lingerie, the obvious fact that the women are not really lesbians (yeah, lesbians don’t really long for your cock, guys)… However, I do enjoy erotic videos involving two women. Our sexuality is very rarely square and to be honest, I’ve had fantasies about women (yeah, Anna Torv, thank you for the steamy dreams). So, as you can see, it’s a fucking mess in my head. That’s why I really like these four videos below: it’s natural, hot, and for everybody to enjoy.

1. Treats, by A Four Chambered Heart

By now, you know I’m a big Four Chambers fan. Here’s their new video, starring Kiff, Blath and Vex. They always find a new, awesome, erotic and modern way to arouse us, using cool design and gorgeous girls. The design and the images are amazing. It’s fun in a box!

2. Behind the scenes with Irina Love

Honestly, I don’t know much about Irina Love, except that she’s a porn actress and a professional model. If you have more info, please let me know! In the meantime, enjoy this really hot kissing scene…

3. La Vie d’Adèle – Blue Is The Warmest Color

I’m going to go watch this movie this week and I’m really excited to see what all the fuss is about. This film, by French director Abellatif Kechiche, won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival this year. Some say it’s an amazing film, some criticise the sex scenes. I’ll write a review when I’ve seen it. In the meantime, here’s a pretty cool mix video where you can see the two main characters kissing. Hot and sweet.

4. Lovers In Jeans

These are the outtakes of the film Lovers In Jean with Kaylee Danger & Hailey. Ok, this one might be a little more “porn” focused. I don’t know much about Seductive Studios, but I’m pretty sure they’re a factory of lesbian porn. But I just loved how they just chat and how friendly they are, it feels really natural and spontaneous. Love it!  I’ll let you make your own opinion.