In my quest for hot films, I always come across weird, funny or completely WTF videos. It’s safe to say these two short clips belong to this category. Even though I am a straight woman, I do have an adoration for boobs and if you’re like me, these two videos will make you intrigued, amused and horny at the same time.


According to the video description, this short film is about nudity and identity. Nudity strips the characters of their identity, making them blend with the rest of humanity, into the generality. Nudity emphasizes on the human rawness, which delves deeper into “cognitive reception between human genders”.

The woman is controlled by the rope, which represents the alter ego she puts on in society. I think it’s a pretty fun, a little creepy and definitely arousing. What do you think?

This clip was inspired by the Baltimore improvisational jazz collective.

triptych3 from Daniela Mileykovsky on Vimeo.

Alex Mejia’s Perfect Day

Alex Mejia is a Photographer from Bogotá, in Colombia. He set up a campaign called Perfect Day, which aims at defying our notions of perfection, by photographing women expressing themselves freely. The campaign mixes different supports, it was made into a book and you can also check out this short video protagonizing these lovely boobs and promoting naturalness and freedom.

alex mejia perfect day

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alex mejia perfect day

alex mejia boobs


I have just found this crazy animation video. Imagine boobs, a million of them.

Boobs from Mikkel Cantoni on Vimeo.