Condom brands always try to come up with the funniest, hottest commercials to remind us how important it is to have safe sex, and to buy their products. Sometimes, these condom ads are actually pretty good, I’ve selected three of them today, check them out.

Loveville – The Battle Of Love

This was an Italian campaign for Durex, challenging 15 cities of Italy to a “battle of love”. They counted all the lubes, sex toys and condoms that were bought in these cities and, combined with this video below and other marketing tools, the whole country was competing to be the best lover. Bologna ended up winning. Check out the promo video…

Durex_LoveVille from Karen on Vimeo.

Condom Steps by UCLA Sex Squad

How to use a condom? Sounds pretty easy, but it can get tricky and it’d be a shame to get and STD or a baby just for not asking a simple question. So these students, part of the UCLA Sex Squad, and the Art And Global Health Center, creatively reminded us the steps to put on a condom and have carefree, awesome sex. They actually made a series of 14 short videos as part of Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back.

1. Check the date

2. Tear it down the side

3. Take it out of the package

4. Pinch the tip

5. Roll it aaaaall the way down

Condom Steps from UCLA Sex Squad on Vimeo.

Have sex, save a life

This really funny ad is for Hero Condoms, an Australian brand that decided that every time you bought one of their condoms, they would donate one to Africa in the fight against AIDS. It’s a really cool concept and the commercial is pretty fun, and the guy is hot, really hot. What a girl would do to save the world…

Hero – …Save a life from Love Commercial Production Co. on Vimeo.