2 solo performances in Portraits by N. Maxwell Lander

It’s Monday and in lots of places, it’s also a bank holiday, so my first go-to activity is masturbation. What can I say, it’s a professional habit. So imagine my joy when I discovered the work of Photographer and Filmmaker N Maxwell Lander from Toronto, and her film Portraits is to die for.

Portraits – Two worlds, One Epic Satisfaction

Portraits is made of two short films by Lander, Emile and 98bit. The first one stars Geena Rose in a sepia and cigarette smoke atmosphere, giving a trance-like solo performance that will nail you to your chair. What I love about Lander’s work is that it involves all your senses as you immediately feel drawn into the film as if you were part of it. You can almost smell it, touch it… which is what makes our experience as the viewer so intense.

The second film is 98bit. It’s completely different, but it grabs your attention just like in Emile. In this one – art-directed by Geena Rose – we enter an ultraviolet video game world with neon lights. It’s kind of like laser tag but more fun, with Jinxy Laroue as a strapon-wielding raver fantasy. Again, the sound and images perfectly fit to make us dive into the film, partly thanks to the fact that Portraits features “The Right Voice” by Morgant J, “George’s House” by Vidian, and “Bend” by BinarPilot, as soundtrack.

Watch the whole scene right here on PinkLabel.TV!

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