When it comes to attraction, I guess I don’t really have a type. However, over the years, I’ve learned to recognize a few things that make me drop my jaw, and my panties… It can be a little detail, a physical aspect of the person or a behavior. So, what makes YOU hot and panty-less?

Let’s start with what makes my panties drop and then continue with what makes me crazy once my panties are dropped, ok? Let’s go!

1. Hair

I love a good beard. I guess it makes guys look a bit older. I’m also a big fan of long hair, Kurt Cobain style…

jared leto long hair gif

2. Sense of humor

I can’t stand people who stay on the freaking first degree all the time. Don’t take yourself seriously and appreciate a good joke!

robert downey jr laughing gif

(No, I’m not only attracted to celebrities…)

3. V-shaped abs

I’m not a big fan of muscles, but these two little “thingies” as I call them give me lots of crazy ideas in my pretty little head…

v-shaped abs gif

4. Confidence

Be confident, but don’t be a show-off!

robb stark gif

5. Tattoos

I love them on me and everybody else!

adam levine tattoo gif

6. Two guys kissing

Especially two straight guys kissing, which doesn’t happen often enough.

two men kissing gif

7. Sex talk

During sex, I freaking love when the guy talks to me. I just react really well to sounds I suppose, and hearing what he wants to do to me drives me insane.

8. Moaning

I love when they talk and I also love when they moan and let me know they’re having an awesome time. When you’re having sex, you’re kind of vulnerable for a while and I like feeling that a man is letting himself be vulnerable for a moment.

chris evans sex gif

9. Hair pulling

Pull my hair and grab my throat. Now.

hair pulling sex gif

10. Looking at the guy behind me

Everybody has their own opinion on the doggy style matter. My favorite part about it is that you get to look back and watch the guy fucking you. Hot!

doggy style sex gif

11. A good spanking


12. Feminism

A guy who is confident and clever enough to be a feminist earns valuable points with me. I also like it when they accept their feminine side and are not afraid of it.

ryan gosling naked gif

13. Natural girls

I say natural, but I wanted to say “mannish”. The problem is that I don’t like to say “mannish” because being a man doesn’t have anything to do with your looks or the way you behave. So what I’m trying to say is that I feel attracted to girls who don’t wear make up and call me dude. Basically.

Jiz Lee
Jiz Lee