Hot and Retro Fetichisms Trilogy By Jonathan Leder

Craving a nice little erotic short film, away from the banalities of mainstream porn, but still so arousing it makes you want to lock the door and fap hard? Well, here's Jonathan Leder's films, which are part of the Fetichisms Trilogy! Nymphomania  -  Fetichisms Trilogy Nymphomania is the second video for this bi-annual erotic magazine,…

Winter In The Sun by Hypnolove, new look on old tricks

This music video for the song Winter In The Sun by French band Hypnolove reminds us of a time when delivery guys were the luckiest men in the world, when women would open the door in a loose towel, and when 40-year-old men would drop off their kids and go fuck a young student in…

Flashback session – Super Fly sex scene

I wasn't born in the 1970s, and I am discovering, now, films that are classics from this time. I'm also realizing that many films from that time were much more provocative and avant-guard than they are now. It wasn't all hygienic, regulated and conformist. That's why I'm going to post flashback sessions, often, so we…

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