Take two hot guys, a couple of black joysticks, a sexy girl and dance music, and you’ve got yourself a hot music video / threesome fantasy on camera! Mr Luminium‘s Volcanic Joystick is all about the game…

Shake, Shake, Shake your Volcanic Joystick

These two yummy guys are playing to get the girl in the game to take off her clothes, and the analogy of masturbation couldn’t be clearer. However, one is more interested in getting his friend to get naked than in undressing the girl… This is a big foreplay session! The game you’re playing before getting into bed with someone is amazingly fun. You laugh, you play, you take his shirt off, and you want more… It’s all innocent and you feel all your extremities waking up. This video is pure eye-candy filled with desire.

Then, the girl gets out of the screen, and starts to “handle” their joysticks herself… I’ll let your know what happens next, but it will definitely make you horny!

What I love about this video is that it’s not just gay or straight, it just depicts a fun outburst of libido and desire.

Luminium – Volcanic Joystick (Uncensored) from Andrea Beat 8 on Vimeo.