Room 33, hot threesome by Erika Lust

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Room 33 is an erotic short film by Swedish director Erika Lust. Room 33 was made as a participation in the Camper project, for which several directors took the challenge of shooting one short film in one day, at the Camper hotel in Barcelona. Erika Lust decided to make the sequel of her previous short film, Handcuffs, with gorgeous Toni Fontana (who also starred in her latest feature film, Cabaret Desire).

This short film is intriguing, definitely hot, mysterious and desperately sensual! It features a very hot threesome scene and a few sweet accessories…

You can watch the rest of the short films made for this project here, and check out Erika Lust and other female-friendly directors’ erotic and pornographic adult movies on Lust Cinema.

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