Review of the Nude Macchiato by BS Atelier

I am so grateful that the great gals over at BS Atelier sent me their new masterpiece, the Nude Macchiato. BS is a brand that I’ve been following for a while and it’s just a pleasure – literally – to watch their new releases. I reviewed it after giving it a few very satisfactory rides, so check out the video below!

BS is nice

BS Atelier is a brand from Madrid, Spain. Their toys are hand-made and their designs are totally awesome. This is one of their latest toys, the G-Spot dildo “Vaca”. I love their packaging as well, it’s always very nice and pretty.

vaca g-spot dildo bs

nude macchiato

Nude Macchiato – As realistic as it can get

The Nude Macchiato is from the Realistic collection. The texture is soft. It’s 100% silicon and hypoallergenic. And it even smells nice! 

It’s also flexible and it’s got a few veins surrounding it to make it even more real. You can even chose the colour tone. This one is Macchiato, but you can also have Latte, Cioccolato or Caffé.

In terms of size, it’s about 6.5 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide. So, it’s big, but not huge. In my opinion, they designed the perfect cock!

It’s also perfect to use with a harness, which they also make at BS Atelier with very nice leather. So you can use it with your girlfriend, or maybe try some pegging with your partner.

harness bs atelier


I love gadgets, vibrators and all, but if you want something more authentic, this one is perfect, and it never goes down…

Quality has a price. The Nude Macchiato is worth 70€ so around $94. If you ask me, it’s not so much to buy your new best friend. Buy it here!

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