Remember That One Time? My first threesome on camera

Hey everybody. I’m back from my trip in Thailand and ready to make and share many more porn goodies! Check out my latest film, Remember That One Time? My first MMF threesome on camera, as a director and performer… I know, lucky girl, huh?

Remember That One Time?

The story is all based around one couch. Parker Marx and I are breaking up and we reminisce about all the good times we shared on that couch, including one very hot threesome with Bishop Black

It was really fun to shoot and I was very lucky to fuck these two gorgeous guys at my place. It was quite the experience. I had already had a little bit of an MMF threesome in my private life, but this was truly super hot and like nothing I had experienced before.

Being the director and the performer, it was a little bit hard to let go at first, but I ended having an awesome time and I think you can see how much of a great atmosphere we had on the set that day.

Here’s the trailer below. You can watch the full scene in HD on


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