Portraits of the most erotic and hottest kissing sessions

A kiss is what starts it all. Very often, the quality of the kissing is a determining factor in the future relationship. It tells you so much about the other person! The way he uses his tongue, how fast he goes, the way he holds you while doing it. A passionate kiss can mean so much. It can make you wet the whole night just thinking about it, and make your body shiver reenacting it in your head over and over. Like Juliette Lewis says, “blind love you got me spinning”!

These are a series of videos that show how sexy a kiss can be, and how sometimes, it’s even more arousing than explicit sex.

1. The long and sereine kiss

Sarah and Marlene kiss for the official video for “I can hardly wait” by Complicated Universal Cum. Released on Fake Diamond Records, this video track combines “fuzzed-out psychedelic spacerock with elements of primitive electropunk, noiserock and punkrock attitude”. It goes really well with the long-awaited kiss that the two women patiently enjoy. Every second is a world of pleasure and joy.

Listen to Complicated Universal Cum on iTunes.

2. The “I can’t control myself” kiss

As Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers very accurately show on the great Woodie Allen movie, Matchpoint, a kiss can also be the end of it all. The fatal attraction makes your body do exactly the opposite of what your brain wants you to do. This hot passionate kiss reaches all your extremities and takes control over your body and mind. This is how disasters and/or great love stories happen. It usually leads to a hot night of sex, or sometimes just a few minutes on a field under the rain…

3. Discovering your body

Of course a kiss doesn’t always mean it’s on the mouth. Our lips are sometimes better instruments than our hands when it comes to exploring the body of our partner. They are very sensitive and can feel every curve and goose pimple on their skin. This video plays the song Crown on the ground by Sleigh bells.

4. The educational kiss

How can I write about kissing and not post this scene from Cruel Intentions with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair. A classic! We’ve all tried to teach ourselves to kiss, with a pillow or in front of the mirror. But it’s definitely much better with SMG as a teacher!

5. The revelation kiss

A kiss can also tell us about who we are, what we like. We say that eyes are the mirror of the soul, well, kissing could be the mirror to our deeply complicated libido. Naomi and Emily show us just that on Skins.

6. The fantasy kiss

I can spend hours imagining a hot kiss with a guy I like. There is never too much tongue, it’s always the right moment, and somehow I never break my neck trying to kiss a guy much taller than me. It’s perfect! Although, sometimes, reality can be a bitch. This video is a scene from TV show Hex with Jemima Rooper.

7. The domination kiss

Kissing someone can also mean power over him or her. Sex is all about submission, domination and pleasure, and in this scene from the Good Wife, Kalinda has complete power over Agent Delaney. She basically only calls her when she needs information, and apparently, she likes to finger her to let her know that she’s ready to pay the price for it. She momentarily gives her love, and for a few minutes, she’s the boss. Hot!

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