How to get pleasure with Lelo’s new Luna Beads Noir

Get the new Lelo LUNA Beads Noir here.

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This week I ordered myself a little treat including Lelo’s Mia 2 or Lipstick vibrator which I’ll talk about in another review, and a set of two new Lelo luna beads Noir.

Everybody’s talking about Kegel exercising and about how Ben Wa balls or pleasure balls can help strengthening your PC or “love” muscles and pelvic floor to avoid future incontinence, accelerate post partum rehabilitation…

But I was wondering if they could actually improve your sex life and give you pleasure while wearing them.

So I bought the new LUNA Beads Noir by Lelo. I’ve posted some pictures of the packaging below. As you can see, it’s not small. They’re exactly 29 mm and weigh 37 g each. Both balls have inside them a tinier ball that will bang against the bigger ball and create some kind of vibration inside your vagina.

So I learned that you wear them with the silicone thing that keeps them together. There’s also a string to pull them out safely and easily.

First time using Lelo luna beads

So if it’s the first time that you’re using them, you should lie down to put them in, relax, maybe use a little bit of lubricant, but not too much because we don’t want them to slip out.

You can wear only of them if you want at the beginning, no pressure. And then that’s the funny part, you just go back to what you were doing.

What I did was clean the house, did some laundry. and you’ll see that you will be contracting your PC muscles to keep them in.

It actually feels a bit weird at the beginning but after a few minutes they will start stimulating you from the inside. I enjoyed that very much. It’s not an exploding sensation of pleasure, but it’s a rather passing and lasting sensation of pleasure. And this will make you contract even more.

I’ve taken them out about half an hour ago and I can still feel the stimulation so it basically turns you on.

Try not to sit down and instead be active, stand up, you can even exercise with them.

And when you’re done you can just take them out and clean them with water and anti bacterial soap, and you can even boil them to be extra cautious.

So I would recommend using the LUNA Beads Noir in a healthy exercising routine for long-term benefits but also just to have a good time, to feel aroused, maybe while getting ready for a date and having a nice time of your own, you know, cook something nice and when you’re done get your vibrator and watch something with Robert Downey Jr. in it…

It cost me 29€, which is a good price for a high-quality product. It’s a very safe material.

You can get it here.

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