Sometimes, sex is not just sex. It can be an epiphany, a barrier, an escape… It can be really complex, and it’s fair to say that porn doesn’t really depict the deep stuff – no bad pun intended. That’s why I’m always happy to discover mainstream short films that have a sexual component, as an equal and solid element of the story and the characters. This is Placer (meaning Pleasure in Spanish), by Black Diamond Productions.

Placer – Sex and Relationships

This Spanish film – with English subtitles – revolves around a group of friends who spend a week end at a chalet, like every year, before they all turn thirty. They all seem to have grown up, some are in committed relationships, some are parents, others just friends, or exes. It’s all going fine until one of them finds an old VHS while looking for a bottle of wine. They quickly figure out it’s a porn film, and watching it is going to awaken some deep desires and fantasies between them.

They will release their fears about relationships, about lasting sexual desires towards their partners, and fulfil, or at least try to fulfil their fantasies. It’s not all nice and pretty. It’s actually pretty dark, sometimes, and uneasy, but it feels like they will all take a step towards a deeper understanding of themselves and some kind of closure about themselves and their friendship.

I like that it’s both interesting and sexy. It shows that sex plays a crucial role in relationships, and that all men and women are complex individuals with fears and dreams.

Check it out below, what do you think?

PLACER from Black Diamond Productions on Vimeo.