Perversions of lesbian lust

Madison Young is a name you can’t miss in the feminist pornorama. She does exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid to show you the darkest corners of her sexuality. I already shared a few impressive videos of her and now I want to tell you about her film Perversions of Lesbian Lust, I and II.

Perversions. Lots and lots of perversions.

In Perversions Of Lesbian Lust, Young tells the story of her kinky affair with porn star Dylan Ryan. Nipple clamps, chains, whips, spanking… are a glimpse of what you can see.

dylan ryan madison young

And! In the second opus, she gathers new performers like the infamous Sasha Grey, Dia Zerva and Princess Donna, with whom she shares, again, her darkest sexual fantasies.

You see, Madison likes to share her own experiences with the audiences, which is, I think, why it makes it all so hot.

I love the preview below, with Sasha Grey. It looks sweetly agonizing and frankly sexy as hell to watch the connection between the two women. The way she painfully teases her to ecstasy is quite the watch, pulling on her lips while looking at her in the eyes…

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