My secret sex toy weapon: Review of Snappy by Pretty Love

Yay! It’s been a while since I’ve made a sex toy review, but last week I went on a sex toy shopping spree in Barcelona, more precisely at the Luxury Love store, and bought Snappy by Pretty Love. Here’s my review, and the transcript, technical info and photos below!

Snappy by Pretty Love – My new secret weapon

There are three great things about Snappy:

1. Double Stimulation

Its gentle head and feisty rabbit can stimulate both your G-Spot and your clitoris at the same time! Believe, here lies the difference with all the other toys. While some of them are way to big or badly shaped, this little baby is the perfect size to reach both your pleasure points.

2. Vibrations

With 30 vibration modes, Snappy allows you to experience many different sensations. Sometimes both the rabbit and the head vibrate at the same time, sometimes they alternate, the speed and vibration patterns also change. A real delight! Steady vibrations can become a little boring, but with these many modes and two strong vibration motors, you’ll find exactly what you need at the right time.

3. The price

Unlike other toys like Lelo’s or Fun Factory’s, this cute thing only costs around 40€ (about $52). So, it’s not going to dig a whole in your monthly food budget and you’ll still get off like hell. That’s a pretty good deal, right?

However, since it’s not as expensive as other toys, there are some things that you don’t get: it’s not waterproof (of course, you can clean it with water, but it shouldn’t emerged in water), and it works with tripe A batteries, unlike many new toys that work with a charger or even a USB cable. But for this price, you can masturbate in your bed and steal the TV remote batteries…

I’m really happy I find this little toy, I really recommend it if you’re looking for an accessible and powerful toy!

You might be able to find it on Amazon, but you should go by your local store and ask them.

sex toy review of snappy pretty love by lucie blush

sex toy review of snappy pretty love by lucie blush

sex toy review of snappy pretty love by lucie blush


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