Life can be pretty shitty, but as long as you have your imagination and your ability to fantasize, you’re safe. Imagination, this place full of hot men who are not weirdos or needy assholes. Yes, this place exists, it’s in your head! You know I’m joking, there are great men out there, it’s just that in the meantime, one can be inspired by some very fine video work: I present you Marcio & Marcos in Made in Brazil, episode 4!

Made in Brazil – 100% hotness

Ok, so we have these two very hot Brazilian men, just being casual you know, softly touching each other, nothing out of the ordinary. The film is by Stewart Shining and Vincent Gagliostro. Of course, the director is very important, the light, the set… but it’s basically about staring at these two gorgeous guys. Period.

Marcos and Marcio are called “the Twins”. At first, I thought it was just because they really look alike, but apparently they really are brothers: Marcio and Marcos Patriota. This made me a little uncomfortable when watching the film a second time. But I guess it’s all in the name of fashion, beauty and desire. So, what the heck. I am not going to complain about having two versions of one Apollo… right?

Anyway, you can enjoy the short fashion film here. And below, you may also watch the Director’s Cut video! So much good in the world…

Made in Brazil #4 – The twins from on Vimeo.

Marcio and Marcos (Director’s Cut)_Made in Brazil #4 from on Vimeo.