Love is a dangerous game – The Romance Series

Many people say women need romance to enjoy sex. What’s wrong with this statement is that it generalizes to all women. I’m personally not a fan of romantic stuff, but some women are, as some men are, too! There has to be content for everybody, right? So, let’s give it a chance and dig a little bit into this “romance” porn, mistakenly tagged “porn for women”. There is new adult content being made everyday, and the Romance Series, by New Sensations, is part of it. The film I’ll be focusing on today is Love is a Dangerous Game. Sounds too cheesy to be true, right?

The Romance Series : Love, stories, and porn all together?

Love. It’s actually really weird to see this word in a porn title. Love is a Dangerous Game is about Paulina Connelly, a children’s books author who decides to change directions and write horror fiction. She enlists the help of Wes Mueller, a famous horror writer, whom she will have a passionate affair with. However, his suspicious past will surface and Paulina will start doubting the nature of their relationship.

See? There is a whole story and script! You can watch the trailer here, by the way.

It’s obvious that they’re trying to make a real movie, with sex scenes in it. The only thing is that the actors are not the best but you can feel they’re trying hard.

This particular scene in Love is a Dangerous Game is when Paulina reads one of Mueller’s books and imagines it in her head, adding spices to it, of course. The couple, in the story, is running away from danger and “reassuring” each other in a closet by having hot sex. I have to say one of the reasons I chose this scene is because the male actor, Xander Corvus, is absolutely hot and dreamy. The girl is nice too, although the repeated “pleasure duck face” doesn’t act in her favor.

So far, I think it’s a good attempt at doing something different. It’s fun, the actors are good looking and it is refreshing to actually have a story, however far-fetched it is. It’s not as cliché as I thought it would be and I’m curious to watch more scenes by New Sensations. It is still a bit too “romanced” for me, but I understand why people, women AND men, might enjoy this content.

You can watch this scene in HD here, as well as watch more Romance Series films on Lust Cinema.

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  3. johngo

    August 30, 2015 5:32 am

    It’s wonderful to watch hot sex.

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