In My Head – Teaser of my new erotic short film

Did you think I was going to make one porn film and retire? No way, my mansion on the beach can wait. This is the teaser for In My Head, my new erotic short film. You can see Carlos, a very nice Spanish guy, touching himself while thinking of a girl. His imagination is briefly getting real, showing us glimpses of this woman touching and caressing him.

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In My Head – The Prequel

Actually, this little erotic short film is a prequel to a porn film that I will shoot very soon, with Carlos and his real-life girlfriend. This is still in talks, and you will know more next week. In any case, this new short film will also be used to celebrate the opening of my new online adult cinema…

In the meantime, you can enjoy the little teaser below. The short film will be released next week, and will be about 10 minutes long.

What I want to do with In My Head, is not to show a male perspective, because, well, I’m not a man, but to show that a man’s body can also be erotic. The common cliché is that only women are beautiful and sensual, when men also should be the object of the female gaze. As you know, my goal is to create more content for straight women, so that they can enjoy pornography and erotica in a way that fits with their sexual orientation, desires and fantasies. Women, too, fantasize about men and sex. So, why not show a hot guy for the pleasure of women?

Carlos here is thinking of his girlfriend, and he can’t seem to get her out of his head…

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