Well, these Canadians know how to do it. After the Games have always been a little gay, this time it’s a video showing gay and straight Internet personalities frenching each other. And it’s hot!

French Kissing for the cause

I’ve never really understood why people say “French” kissing because in my opinion, it’s a pretty universal thing, but there are worst things to take credit for… Anyway, this video aims at raising awareness against homophobia, because some people think of homosexuality like a nasty disease spreading through our society. Yeah, having sex and falling in love, ouch, that’s nasty!

I love that this film shows that there is no difference between homo and heterosexuality. It’s still kissing, it’s still hot and nice. And there is absolutely no shame for a straight guy to kiss another man, and same goes for the ladies. Besides, even if antigay movements weren’t on the rise, I think this film would still be useful. I live in Spain and even though here, in Barcelona, there are a lot of gay people, I constantly hear guys saying how disgusting it is. We really need to start seeing homosexuality as something normal instead of heterosexuality being the “default” choice.