Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men

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Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men… Don’t be scared! Why is there such a big taboo about men and their assholes? Seriously, anal sex is a common sexual practice that can bring you a lot of pleasure, yet, women who do it are considered ‘sluts’ and men, well, people simply don’t talk about it.

Learn about anal pleasure from Tristan Taormino

‘That’s so gay’ or ‘exit only’ are sentences that I hear often. Of course, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but a little curiosity might introduce you to a world of new sensations.

Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men by feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino is a really cool way to be introduced to anal and show you the best practices for a safe and fun first time.

The performers are super relaxed, everything goes smoothly, there is no pressure whatsoever. They use an array of butt plugs and dildos – they grow bigger and bigger – so you can also get prepared for the occasion.

I like that the guy is huge and strong, and doesn’t give a shit about what people say. He likes it in the ass!

Enjoy the scene below and watch the whole movie here!

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