I haven’t forgotten our little Monday gay treat. This film, Battlefield, is not really about pleasure though, it’s a hot and cold depiction of a one-night stand between two guys who long for a connection.

Battlefield by Tim Marshall

Even though I’m not a gay man, I was actually able to identify to this situation. You go out, you meet somebody, and even if your ultimate goal is not to fall in love and have a serious relationship, you’re still looking for this connection. You want to have a good time and find someone with whom you can share something, even if it’s only one night. However, sometimes we try too hard, we fool ourselves or we push things. A true connection is hard to get, and it’s never really perfect. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying!

Battlefield feels authentic, and it’s an honest depiction of a situation that is very common. It shows how we now look for love, and how it’s never really what we hope it would be.

Tim Marshall is a young filmmaker from Australia who’s making his way into the big league. Check out his site here. This film was screened at more than fifteen film festivals and was shortlisted for the prestigious 2012 Iris Prize.

Battlefield – a short film by Tim Marshall from Tim Marshall on Vimeo. [Via Instinct Mag]